Why Let Bloomberg Snoop on You?: YCharts Has A New Look

The Ycharts team recently changed their offices.  They are growing and needed some new digs.  While they were at that, they changed their landing page.  It looks really sweet.

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They recently just closed another round of financing.  They brought in a new investor from across the pond.  Reed Elsevier Ventures is located in England.  They also own the news research site Lexis Nexis.

Ycharts was started in Chicago by Shawn Carpenter who is still the CEO. It’s a classic investment for a place like Chicago, since their business is associated with both big data and financial services.  They have a new platinum product which is finding an audience with the mid tier of finance.  Consultants, wealth managers, family offices and asset managers really love the data they get, the way they can manipulate it, and the fact that Ycharts is very powerful for the cost per month.

Ycharts becomes an indispensable decision making tool that costs pennies when making decisions on allocating assets for growing wealth.

Not only does Ycharts have the best stock and ETF data on the market, but it has excellent macro economic data as well.  They also have top flight contributors that write and compile information to make doing financial research easy.  In the past year, they added an Excel feature so users can blend research seamlessly with existing documents and programs they already have on file.

The Bloomberg snooping scandal broke in the last few days.  If you don’t want someone looking over your shoulder as you do research on the internet, why not give Ycharts a whirl?

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