Grills: Kamado-Kettle-Smoker-Gas?

I have needed a grill now for awhile.  When we had a house, we had three of them.  A gas grill, smoker, and a Weber.  Moving to the city changed the grilling situation.  In my last apartment, I snuck a Weber Q on the balcony.  But that’s not really “grilling”.

Grillin' Time
Grillin’ Time (Photo credit: versello)

It’s grilling season again, I think.  Although most of us would like to give Mother Nature a mulligan and start over on this spring.  Is anyone going to produce a reverse hockey stick temperature graph based on this spring?

On Facebook and Twitter, I posed the question, “Which grill would you buy?”.

When I worked for 3M ($MMM), one of my trainer/mentors was Bill Gage.  He has since left 3M and gone to work for the National Barbecue Association.  Based on the constraints that I gave, he recommended a grill.

People have contrived of all kinds of contraptions for cooking meat.  Pretty incredible how the evolution from simple Weber kettle has gone.  Today, there’s an amazing array of specialty grills designed for one purpose.   A person could spend a small fortune.

The trendiest grills out there now are Kamado cookers.  They are ceramic, can heat up very fast and are very versatile.  Big Green Egg seems to be the most prevalent.  However, Primo grills look pretty cool too and are made in the USA.  Of course, Costco has a knock off and I have seen others as well.  The downside to them is they are heavy.

Today we are going to go out and look seriously at grills.  Which one would you buy?  What do you own today-and what do you like about it?  If money were no object, which grill would you buy?

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