Working From Home or Starbucks Sucks

Was talking to an entrepreneur yesterday.  She was talking about her company and I asked her, “Where do you work?”.  She said, out of her house or other places.

at the nextspace coworking space in santa cruz
at the nextspace coworking space in santa cruz (Photo credit: kthread)

She had tried a Regus location, but hated it.  No one talked to anyone else and it was isolating.  She couldn’t work in a coffee shop-way too distracting. Plus, you never know who is there that could be following you.  She rented an office in a converted school.  But, she was by herself again.

She loved the co-working space we were meeting in.  She hopes they build one near her.

I have been in co-working spaces in the Sears Tower, John Hancock and they are totally sterile.  When I visited Nextspace in San Francisco, I saw another place that “gets it”.

It’s just a pleasure to be around other people, smash ideas together, collaborate, and communicate.  If you are starting a venture-even if it’s just a lifestyle business like consulting-consider the money you pay to rent a desk well spent.

Your mental health is as important as your company’s fiscal health.  Sometimes they go together.  Get out of the coffee shop, stop isolating yourself and find a co-working spot today.  Here is an app that can help.


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