Checking Out Cults In San Francisco

Dodged a massive bullet in Chicago.  They had epic rain there.  The city is shut down.  No doubt, it will be declared a disaster area.  Virtually everyone of my friends received the joy of massive amounts of water infiltrating their homes.  Sorry for them.

Instead of being in the rain, I woke up to a sunshiney morning in San Francisco.  We walked down to Blue Bottle Coffee to check it out.  I have read a lot about it on the internet.

If you haven’t heard, it’s a cult like coffee stand that people line up for.

People rave about their coffee and this morning was no exception.  There was a small line when we got there at 7am.  My wife ordered a latte and I got both a shot of espresso, and a drip coffee.

I drink my coffee black with no sugar.  Even if I drink a latte-just the milk and the coffee-nothing else.

The shot was very nice.  Great crema, and I drank it just like an Italian.  Quickly.  Not as bitter as regular shots.  Smooth.

Blue Bottle Coffee roasting facility
Blue Bottle Coffee roasting facility (Photo credit: niallkennedy)

My drip coffee was really good too.  No bitterness.  Just clean coffee.  A touch of sweetness on the finish.  Much better than typical coffee at any other place.  Much better than Starbucks or another coffee retailer.

Was it an ethereal experience? No.  But it was really good coffee.  Would I wait in line a half hour as some have.  No-but that’s because I don’t like to wait in lines at all.  You might be different.

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