Terror Takes A New Turn

It’s sad to think about the after effects of the Boston Marathon bombing. I feel very sorry for the people that were hurt. They have a lifetime of problems to handle.

Society has a bigger problem. 9/11 was one thing. A huge dramatic event that symbolizes the beginning of a broad war on our free and independent society. Since 9/11, we haven’t had a successful terror attack on American soil-unless you consider the shooting of all those Army personnel at Fort Hood a terror attack. But that was a Benedict Arnold type of attack.

It remains to be seen who and what kind of group carried out this attack. I don’t want to speculate-but if it’s Muslim terror groups, they have changed their strategy from big events to impacting our every day lives.

Airline bombings are one thing. For example, I am flying today. My flight leaves at 8:30 and I will get to the airport a full two hours ahead of time to go through security and then sit and wait. There is an economic cost to American society for all that wait time. Not only that, but there is a societal cost we all pay to have the screening apparatus in place to make sure a whack job doesn’t blow up a plane.

How does it change the cost to run a simple race? What about a trip to the mall? How about a night out with a friend or loved one at a restaurant? What about a simple trip on public transportation?

We have Chicago Bears season tickets and going to games can be frustrating. The Bears don’t quite have the logistics down for security checks and the lines get really long unless you show up early. Cynically, I think that is the Bears trying to get you in Soldier Field sooner so you spend more money there. But because of terrorism there is no chance that you can tailgate and waltz into a game ten minutes before the opening kick.

Once I went to a game with a Chicago police officer. After we went through security, he said, “Look at this.”. He pulled his jacket back and showed me his service revolver. The pat down guy missed it. He said, “I just wanted to see if they would get it. I don’t think they were trained properly.”.

Many will immediately think of Israel and how they have handled security in their daily lives. However, the US is very different. We are much bigger, vast, and don’t have one common religion.

But our enemy is the same.

Additionally, within the US there are people that legally are our “own” that seek to bring us down by any means necessary in order to institute a very different form of government.

As the WSJ editorializes, even our own media tries to sanitize the situation.

In particular an anti-antiterror media and legal industry has developed in recent years claiming that police tactics like pre-emptive surveillance are no longer necessary. Al Qaeda is all but defeated, they say, so we can relax. But as New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly points out, the NYPD has helped to foil 16 plots against the city. Many of them involved homegrown terrorists like Shahzad, who often won’t be detected without surveillance or informants in communities that might produce killers.

Terror affects lots of things that you don’t realize. It should be a part of the debate over our new immigration bill. How do we let bright hard working people from the Middle East in-and keep the bad guys out?

Terror doesn’t just hurt and maim people. There is a massive economic cost to terror that we have to internalize into our daily lives.

There are more good people than bad people, especially in America. We are going to win. Period

It goes without saying that our hearts and prayers go out to the people injured yesterday in Boston. It goes without saying that we feel for Boston as a city.




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