The New Chicago Mob

Saturday, a pack of approximately 500 young people invaded the Michigan Avenue shopping district of Chicago. They were almost all African-American kids that took public transportation.

Rainy Night on the Mag Mile
The Mag Mile (Photo credit: Atelier Teee)

I use the word “invade” with a purpose. This wasn’t random. This was plotted with the care a commander uses when they send platoons into battle.

The gangbangers organized using social media. They knew exactly where they were going and they knew their battle plan. Not unlike an invading army when they go to take over a city.

This isn’t a one off thing. It happens every spring. Recall, last May they shut down the beach because it was full of thugs.  It’s not shocking to me at all.  That’s sad.

When I lived in the Gold Coast, Chicago‘s most expensive neighborhood, every spring we could count on being overrun. Many residents were assaulted. Down the street from where I lived, there was a knife fight on the corner. Imagine this happening in Bel Air or the Upper East Side.

It was unsafe to walk from my parking garage to my apartment building late at night.  The walk was two blocks.  I know of a few people that were relieved of their watches, wallets, and phones on that walk.

In the past two years, it’s become unsafe to walk down Michigan Avenue. Chicago police are always parked in the median. Seems like a police state.  If you pull a cell phone out on the street, there is a likelihood that it might be taken from you.  It won’t be one on one either, since the gangbangers hunt in packs.  Both young men and women.

The gangbangers have no respect for human decency and should be dealt with accordingly. Fortunately for them, America has a Bill of Rights. They abuse it at every opportunity. In Russia, they’d be sent to Siberia, never to be heard from again.

Most are probably on some sort of government assistance. If someone were to pull a “Bernhard Goetz“, and take matters into their own hands, surely these ruffians would be portrayed by the media as underprivileged “honor students”.  I have links below to how the local papers have whitewashed the story.  Some have even disabled comments to the story.  However, going vigilante isn’t the way to solve problems.

In their neighborhoods, there are shootings every night. Not once in awhile. Every night. It’s unsafe to go through there at any time, no matter what the color of your skin is.

Freedom isn’t free-but it also comes with a responsibility. The younger people that are invading and pillaging innocents in the city of Chicago are old enough to know how to shoulder that responsibility. But, like other responsibilities, they shirk it.

Even though they grow up in distressed conditions they have opportunity. Chicago spends more per public school student than almost any other city in the country. It’s the kids that choose not to learn, or to drop out.

It’s the kids that choose to pull the trigger, to plunge the needle in their arm, to have a kid out of wedlock, to pop the pill, to smoke the crack pipe. It’s the kids that choose the path of dealing the drugs that kill them and their neighborhoods. No amount of police protection or new laws can stop them.  No amount of marching, news coverage or preaching by false do gooders can save them.

They are not innocent and helpless. They are old enough to know better and there are plenty of role models of all races out there to distinguish the correct path from the crooked one.

When it’s unsafe to walk the streets in your neighborhood, you don’t. You drive point to point, use a taxi, or use delivery. It makes living in an expensive city more expensive.

There are already plenty of government programs in place to take care of the kids that want it. We ought to spend less, not more. Economic consequences change behavior. Entrenched interests fight change-like charter schools that change the path of at risk kids.

At an event last week, I heard Mayor Emanuel sing the praises of the young people at Urban Prep. He should. They should be admired in their community. 100% are going to college.  Now it’s up to them, and to anyone close to them to help them stay.  I have experienced first hand the great students at Comer College Prep. They understand the way to change.

I am not going to say it’s easy for these kids.  It’s not.  It’s tougher.  But, they can make it and win.

The entrenched interests make money off of the failure of the younger generation. With each succeeding failed generation, the entrenched interests cut themselves a new check. Economic incentives are in place that allow them to take cash out of a system that fails the masses over and over again. They are lining their pockets and pointing fingers everywhere else.

It’s not only the immediate community that is affected.  It affects you and me.  We pay higher taxes, have higher insurance rates, have more risk in our daily lives, and have higher costs of living.  To get anything done, you and I have to go to war with a bureaucracy that has all areas of government riddled with defenders.

The answer isn’t more gun control-or concealed carry. The answer lies in the community of kids. Only they can help themselves. Instead of rising up and stealing from innocent people on the street-they ought to fight against the entrenched interests that ruin the streets they live on.


I want to be clear-I am not blaming Mayor Emanuel for this activity.  The factors that caused it existed long before he ran for office.  It’s not the police department’s fault either.  They can’t be the Stasi.  It’s the fault of the kids themselves. They knew exactly what they were doing.

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UPDATE on The Comments

I moderate my own comments and I have a life outside this blog.  Unfortunately, I don’t always get a chance to check all the comments.  Comments that are made by people are not necessarily condoned by me-it’s their opinion.  If you want to know my opinion, read my comments, and my blog.  Unfortunately, there is some racism in the comments on the above piece.  I closed comments today.

I can’t catch them all-tried to delete some-and because I believe in the Freedom of Speech in America, left many of them up because they illustrate the point of the article.

Freedom comes with a responsibility.  It’s not something to toss around lightly.  People like to say “freedom isn’t free”-and refer to people that have lost their lives defending our freedom.  But those are simply words on a paper if you don’t put those into action.

If you aren’t responsible enough to comment in a civil tone, without racist overtones, then keep it to yourself. You are no better than any one of the kids in the mob.  I am talking about you OBSERVER. If I didn’t have any scruples I would post your email address.

What’s funny is when I point out racism on the right-they started calling me a racist!  Stupid is as stupid does.

You can read more about it here.

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