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Happy Passover.   Hope you enjoyed your seder last night, and are looking forward to tonight.  I went to a seder a few years ago and besides enjoying great food, it was very meaningful.

Last night went to the Blackhawks game with my friend Brian Kasal.  Brian works for Morgan Stanley ($MS).  He had an interesting observation about the Cypriot crisis, and the crisis in the broader EU.  “The money has to go somewhere, and a lot of it will find its way into US markets.”  The bulls are in control. He has some other good ideas. Contact him at the link.

Chicago Blackhawks
Chicago Blackhawks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is anyone safe?

The US is not Greece, it’s Cyprus.

Another downside to universal background checks-meaningful for non gun owners too.

Mayor Nannie thinks there are certain times he can infringe on your freedom.

Don’t pitch someone in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Willful ignorance is not an excuse.

How groupthink and denial can ruin startups.  Hey, it ruins big companies and politicians too.

The number one mistake entrepreneurs make.

Stuff you should never say when you are pitching anyone on an idea.

How to buy a firetruck.

If you haven’t taught, or taken a Dabble class you should.

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