Best Prime Rib You Ever Ate

Recently the Chicago Tribune food critic Phil Vettel went around town sampling prime rib.  How do I get a job as a food critic?  Chicago is famous for meat.  When tourists come here they invariably go to a steak place which is one of the reasons I wrote this.

But prime rib is special.

Prime Rib Roast
Prime Rib Roast (Photo credit: TheDeliciousLife)

I have had it a few different places, and it’s always been good.  My favorite is making it at home.  I buy my prime rib here.  I find grass fed beef has a lot more flavor than corn fed choice beef.  Prime beef is different than corn fed-but only if it’s dry aged.  Dry aged is becoming harder to find-plus it’s really expensive.

I like to season my prime rib using Emeril Lagasse’s recipe-or a slight variation.  I love thyme on prime rib.  Thyme and garlic together just ooze flavor.  Of course, a little Yorkshire pudding is in order.  Then, some horseradish sauce.  I make mine with sour cream and capers, and a little bit of lemon juice.

Serve with a nice big brawny red wine that has some age on it.

Where is your spot for prime rib in your town?



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