Breakfast Links

There is a blog for everything these days.  I bet this blog gets busy in the coming years when no one can get a doctor.

This is really cool and could revolutionize the mobile payments industry.

One of the big problems in healthcare is the software.  Platforms are closed silos.

This is interesting and scary all at the same time.  Health care wants behavioral economists.

the problem with it is because we are getting nationalized health care, when they make a mistake, it will affect all of society, not just one isolated population.

Free Speech.

The US Supreme Court rules on a same sex marriage case.  This is how it could go down. 

My preference would be to let the states decide individually. Sure it’s messy, and it takes longer but it will build a consensus.  The abortion experience is a case and point.

The student loan bubble is popping. If you need to consolidate or get a better rate on loans check out this site.

6 new contenders for the most outstanding Facebook ($FB) comment ever.

13 business apps for busy entrepreneurs.