Starting A Business Using Twitter

Last night my wife and I walked over to Union  Sushi and sat at the sushi bar.  The first time I went to Union, it was for a sake tasting.  I highly recommend it.  If you come to Chicago, you have to go there and give them a try-it’s creative and a really great place to hang out.  Sushi bars can be social places and the couple next to us recommended we order the mushroom salad.

We started talking about the NCAA tournament and how it was great Georgetown was losing.  He was a Miami fan and excited about their prospects.  I just hope the Illini give Miami a game on Sunday.  Eventually we introduced ourselves via our Twitter handles.  Ah, the modern social media world!

@steveGOgreen has a weekly foodie chat on Twitter.  You can follow it at #FoodieChats. Each week, they have a different sponsor and theme.  There is a 10 question format that allows you to learn about food, food trends, recipes, restaurants and anything else you want to know about what you are putting in your mouth! 

They have participants from all over the world, and each weekly chat averages 15M impressions, 1M followers and 400 contributors.

They are going to start doing a show at Rockit, where people will pay to be a part of a live audience during the chat.  All the money will go to a charity.

The twitter chat has turned into a business.  They have a blog, and Instagram, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest page.  Steve is a social media consultant and Foodiechats was something he started to have fun with.  All of a sudden, it caught on.

Steve said, “Funny, when I tweeted about business, I got little response.  Tweet about food and I received a lot of response-so I just went with it.”  He started with a food chat, and then created an entire business around it.

I don’t know about you, but my Instagram feed is littered with food porn and alcohol porn!  It seems like Steve is onto something.  Right now he has a lifestyle business that makes money.  Eventually it could turn into something else. He is enjoying the journey and having fun with it.

Certainly, there are other businesses that could be started the same way.  They are just waiting for creative people to start them.

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thanks for the link Doug Ross.

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