Breakfast Links

Sort of a ho hum NCAA so far.  Unless you are from Harvard.

Illinois Democrats fail the voters again.

I’d blame Republicans, but Dems have a super majority.  Republicans are like the last person drafted in the NFL draft-Mr. Irrelavant.

The Bureau of Homeland Security was another dumb idea put forth by Bush.

Same sex marriage and The Constitution.

Another solar company fails.  Give it up already.

The Fair Price of Catfish.  If you appreciate economics, read this.

What a surprise.  Krugman’s wrong.

Montana approves roadkill as a meat source.  I guess that’s okay, since eating chicken makes you gay.

Bridal designs from roadkill.

If you think it’s cold-go to northern Minnesota.

A short term fix to Social Security.

Have you found any Black Swan’s lately?