Breakfast Links

The real Second Amendment agenda.  You know it.

Who took a chance on you?

The Fukushima reactor, not so much radiation leaked out.

Chicago Police reject contract.  Have to be honest, at least Rahm is trying(Unlike the Governor).  City of Chicago gets a $700 million dollar balloon tab if nothing is done.  So, something has to be done.  Down in Champaign, SEIU workers walked off the job.  See Illinois is Broke, Wirepoints, and Illinois Policy Institute for more information.

Intrade, gone.  Prediction markets work and they should be regulated by the CFTC and traded.

If you know a high school student or a high school teacher-tell them about this free resource to better their kids.

Dodd-Frank Sucks.

Starting a company?  Don’t quit your day job.

Europe risks losing a generation.

The people of Manhattan

Auschwitz survivor using Facebook and Twitter to look for lost twin.  Hope he finds him.  Great use of social media.

If you are over 18, but under 21, where do you go for fun?

This is a cool blog.

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