Breakfast Links

If you live in California, you aren’t happy with the Dow. ($DJI)

new york stock exchange
new york stock exchange (Photo credit: derek7272)

Tony Laporta has a new website.  He’s been on a roll.  Might want to Ditto Trade him.

It’s Crunch Time for America

Did you know that there is a Midwestern Urban Farmers Conference?

Crowdfunding state by state.

In Washington state, they want to tax bicycles for global warming.

First 3D printed dress. Wonder if I could do that with blue jeans.

NYSE backup plan.  Drudge’s headline was no humans.  Who cares? ($NYX)

A solution to the Immigration problem.

Why aren’t we concerned with Euro unemployment?

Most important predictor of start up success.

More from the Continental Club in honor of SXSW

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