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Square given cease and desist order in Illinois

I am convinced a lot of Illinois politicians want a startup community.  It’s the bureaucrats that don’t.  Or the bureaucrats are carrying out marching orders from politicians that have collected “rents” over the years.

Finally, cars for tall people.

Would a smart investor invest in an MBA?

Girlfriend leads man around the world for breathtaking pics.

Keystone Pipeline does little environmental harm.   Especially when it is being studied so long and is still a drawing board project.  (If they wouldn’t have taken so long to study it, the thing would already be built)

March 1, 1943.  Women in bow ties.

Designing the perfect pig.

7 rules

The VC associate model is broken.  Maybe the VC model is broken too.

6 best tips to be productive while working remotely.

How to find your target market.

Currency Wars (and the paradox of global thrift)

A startup journey, Wall Street to River North.

Blackhawks are hot.  Blackjack baby.

“I am not a dictator.”

Reminds me of, “I am not a crook.”; or, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”; or “Mission Accomplished”.

How to be a super achiever.

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