Breakfast Links

How to be SOCIAL, courtesy of my friend @FAKE GRIMLOCK.  Tip to stupid mechanical dinosaur: BEST WAY TO BE SOCIAL, COOK BACON.  SMELL ATTRACT PEOPLE.  THEY SPREAD WORD.

Decoding the mysteries of managed futures.

Talking about taxing excess cash on the balance sheet in Connecticut.  Hedge funds aren’t amused.

Debbie Halvorsen lost to Robin Kelly.  Fought to replace the scandalous Jesse Jackson Jr.   Blames PAC money, but in reality she was the wrong color.  I didn’t have a dog in the fight.  Anyone that wins isn’t going to be an out of the box thinker.

The output gap.

Civic Literacy Exam.

I got a 31/33.

Let me get this straight, Cutting $85 million from the budget is criminal and can’t be done.  But adding $6.2 trillion in spending from Obamacare is okay.   Do I have that right?

Let’s buy bonds.

The sequester, will it spell doom for the economy?

Does ecommerce 2.0 need brick and mortar?

Cocktails to make you blush.

Bacon, or cash? (think hard, the Fed is reducing the value of the dollar!)

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