How Do You Work? What’s The Future of Work?

What do you think the future of work is in the world?  Will we continue to go to offices that our businesses own-or will we be working in other types of environments?  Will corporations continue to house people in big centralized offices, or will they allow their employees to disperse?

What big trends do you see driving the way we hire, employ and work in the next ten years?

Watch this video and then please tell me how you envision the future.

Desktime on Coworking from Desktime on Vimeo.

Have you ever co-worked?  Did you like it?  Did you hate it?  What did you find best and worst about it and if you could set up the ideal environment for yourself, how would it look?  What kind of support mechanisms would you need and how to you want to access them?  In the coming weeks I am going to attend the International Co-working conference to learn more about it.

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