Dabble on TV

One of my portfolio companies is Dabble.  Erin and Jess are great entrepreneurs.  We just had our first board meeting and it went smoothly.  If you haven’t tried Dabble yet, what are you waiting for?  It’s great for anyone.  Even better, if you have some sort of expertise you can share with the world, you can teach a class and make a little money at it.

I attended a sausage making class at a restaurant.  The chef was going to make sausage anyway.  Now, the process was a bit slower but he earned a few hundred bucks, and exposed his restaurant to new customers at the same time.  Dabble did the marketing for him.  I met some fun people.  I took the class with my daughter, so we had a fun experience together.  I have also taught a class and that was fun too.

Dabble is a great startup that is in Chicago, Denver, and Milwaukee.  If you want Dabble in your town, visit their website and contact them.   You can learn more about them at their blog, Babble!

A big shout out to local ABC station Channel 7, WLS. Thanks for supporting the local startup scene.


Great way to meet people.  You can’t be interesting without interests!

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