Breakfast Links

I am eating bacon this morning from Butcher and Larder.  Except it’s grilled bacon, belly style from last night’s dinner at La Clandistina Sirena.  Pretty amazing stuff.  See my Instagram for photos under pointsnfigures.

The Paris Hilton Principle.  (Remember her, right?)  Why connections aren’t networks.

Tougher gun laws mean less crime, right?

Rich blocks, poor blocks.

That income gap you read about, and the wilting of the middle class–>It’s all made up.

Don’t forget the old farts when you think about job creation.

Global Warming has about as much truth to it as a made up religion. Zealots that look at straw man science.  It’s all about control, and not about the energy.


How we are losing the internet to a bunch of low information young liberals. “Perez likes health care for everyone.  I should too.  What’s Kim Kardashian wearing?”

Those damned AR-15’s. Horrible weapons they are.

10 rules of investing.

Fresh stats on social networks.  Hint:  If you aren’t on Pinterest, you are missing out.

What are your top 5 TV series?

Law prof Laura Hollis has a new Tumblr blog.

Deepwater Horizon update.  Time for the civil trial.  If there weren’t any sharks around the oil rig there are certainly thousands coming to feed now.

I may be going to Austin, TX around March 5. Plans are not firm just yet.

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