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Articles like this are popping up all over, and there is talk among some people about this.  Should you renounce your US citizenship?

United States passport 1930

United States passport 1930 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Short answer-probably not. As my accountant tells me, “ask the people that tried to get out of Germany and Europe in 1938 how valuable a US passport is.”  But, I know people that are talking about it.

Central Banks Buy Gold ($GLD, $GC_F)

OPEC, Talking it’s book. ($CL_F)

Do you dream about doing something?  There’s an app for that. 

I should have linked this yesterday, 10 Valentine’s Day tweets for startups.

4 Simple Lessons from the team at Cureeo

Interesting little drama happening in Silicon Valley.  I always like to have key man insurance in startups.

Game Theory in higher education.

Google has now established itself as a VC powerhouse. ($GOOG)

The Startup Stock Exchange.

Meteorite Crash in Russia.

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