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Buy Gold 

Especially now that the state of Illinois wants to regulate it. ($GC_F, $GLD)

Gold Feet
Gold Feet (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

CFTC, the agency that regulates the price of all the stuff you eat and power your cars, homes with made a proposal that is a “monumental” challenge to futures commission merchants.

How can you tell if a person is a socialist?

If one large segment of a centrally planned ecosystem doesn’t believe the story, then you have to ask who is making up the story and why isn’t anyone believing it when the facts belie the truth.

What happens when the government quits buying the market?

What Bang with Friends teaches us about anonymity in tech.

hmmm, Getco has sagging profits.  They are a high frequency trader.  There is a large fixed cost aspect to their business in both property, plant and equipment and labor.

It’s all about him. 

Want to live rent free in a fiber house?

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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