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Ate at a new place in Chicago last night.  DaLobsta. Even New Englander’s will feel at home.  He’s on twitter @dalobstachicago.  Used to be a gourmet chef-and I mean big time gourmet chef.
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Commentary on the State of the Union Address.  Hey, we are more broke now than we were four years ago.  There’s that.  At this rate, someday soon the SOTU needs to be changed to the SOTBR.  State of the Banana Republic.  Here is Rand Paul’s response.

Rand Paul-What America needs is not Robin Hood but Adam Smith. In the year we won our independence, Adam Smith described what creates the Wealth of Nations.

Invasion of MONSTER SQUIDS in San Diego.  Hey Howard, are you hurdling them on your beach jogs?  Screw global warming, I am betting on the lack of sharks.

Rules of Power

Relationship Science.  First time Sorkin has heard of that.  He should have went to school at ChicagoBooth and taken Mike Gibbs or Ron Burt’s class.


Goldman’s ($GS) Blankfein says we might have a bull market.

The following music industry companies will be dead soon.

It’s Ash Wednesday for Christians, and Lent begins.  Looks like this is a good day to quit sniffing glue.

Hmm, New Jersey losing Pharma jobs-and other cities are becoming Pharma hubs.  Good bye NJ, Hello Raleigh Durham.

Paul Ryan on the SOTU-

“I’m concerned the President doesn’t fully appreciate the challenge of our national debt—and its threat to our economy. Tonight, he outlined many new programs in detail. But when it came to spending restraint, he was remarkably brief. He overstated his administration’s success on this front. And he downplayed the task before us. This isn’t a partisan issue. It’s math. Over the last four years, the national debt grew by $6 trillion, the largest increase of any presidency. But the President hasn’t changed course. For the fourth time in five years, he’s failed to submit a budget on time. And Senate Democrats haven’t passed a budget in nearly four years.”

Yeah, that’s about the size of it.

Nasdaq ($NDAQ) talking about going private.  Government regulation is killing their business among other things.  But going private will save them accounting costs incurred because of Sarbox.  However, there is no escaping the SEC and other regulators.

Don’t forget to get your ashes today

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