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Had to put that in there!! Go ILLINI

Today is Technori Pitch at the Auto Show. Thanks to Jeff Teare from UBS, I will be there.

Startup Lessons from a VC turned entrepreneur.

Americans were murdered in Benghazi because of Obama says Leon Panetta.  Hillary wasn’t around either.  That’s what happens when the press doesn’t do its job, and you elect a guy that votes “present”.

The sequester is coming, the sequester is coming.  Who cares?

Woe is them.

Have you ever heard of Ischemic Colitis?  I hadn’t either until a friend almost passed away from it.  He is doing better….

The PR hype machine.

As startups produce more data, the hunt for data scientists grow frantic.

Okay kids, what should you major in if you want a job?

Paul Harvey’s ad was terrific. Steve Kroft’s interview was shameful.

The American mainstream press and media stink it up.  Especially in light of what came out of Benghazi yesterday.

Damn lazy bastards.  Start trading already ($CME)

The states people are fleeing in 2013 according to United Van Lines data. For College Grads, 10 Best cities for JOBS JOBS JOBS!

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