Breakfast Links

Collateral Crunches.

Michael Dell
Michael Dell (Photo credit: veni markovski)

LIving with doubt.

Wait, I thought everyone was supposed to be insured.

Did someone say currency war? 

How to visit Chicago like a Chicagoan.

Dumb tax idea of the day.

Why I am rooting for Michael Dell.

Big Red Rules.

Chicago’s Southern Soul.  Not the White Sox.

How to listen.

9 Brands that thought fast during the Super Bowl.

Cool.  Download the mobile app.

Stock market doesn’t seem to care yet, or believe it.  Obama economy fizzles.  No one will care about opportunity costs of “the rally that could be” if it goes up.

Were the bankers alone?

Gluten Free.

Les indiens sont morts from Marijane Miracle on Vimeo.

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