Groundhog Day Saturday Breakfast Links

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Last night, I went to JinJu and had something that can only be called Korean Steak Tartare.  Was awesome.  ask for Shane to be your waiter.  Walked down to Hopleaf after that.

One of these days I need to get up to Frank’s Diner.

In case you didn’t know, TechStars is coming to Chicago.  Pretty big deal for the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.  Applications for this summer’s class are OPEN.

How to present to senior executives.  Nice advice here.

I need to work on my Voomly profie.  Neat new startup.

North Dakota, booming until the EPA finds out.

If you need web design, these guys are awesome.  I am going to have them do some stuff for West Loop Ventures someday.

Views from Economists.  Consensus?  Or Point/Counterpoint?

Mainstream leaders are waking up to the fact the news is biased, and blogs are a better source of information (because you can usually read their bias and glean out the important stuff)  A lot of reporters hate blogs because they give it away for free, and it’s competition.

Just got my insurance bill.  Rates went up over 20%.  Last year, over 20%.  Costs are skyrocketing under Obamacare.  It is all as I have foreseen.

An online B2B exchange for used IT Equipment.  MarkitX.  CTOs of companies should check this out.

Henry Ford, and Lean Start Ups.

Teenagers are screwed.

We are going to get an early spring.

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