MTXE-A Phrase That Pays

We like to turn everything into abbreviations these days. Feels like speaking the english language is changing to military speak.  The military famously abbreviates everything.  That’s why it’s a pain in the rear to be a plebe at a military academy. You aren’t allowed to abbreviate anything.

Mental toughness, Extra effort.  MTXE.

MTXE is an abbreviation I learned in high school.  First learned it from Gene Smithson, who was the head basketball coach at Illinois State.  He had it stitched all over their uniforms.  When he moved to Wichita State, he did it again.

You may not get to where you want to go, but leave it all out on the field of play.  Same goes for startups.  You might not win.  You might fail.  But every day when you go to work if you remind yourself to be mentally tough, and to give your all-you will know that you did everything you could to be successful.  Not everything works out.

Mentally tough means different things to different people at different times.  For startups, usually it means focus.  Focus on small goals each day that get you to the larger goal.  Ignore the naysayers that say you can’t.  When you fail, pick yourself up and keep going. Keep trying until you figure it out.  For athletes, it might be that one extra wind sprint, that one extra set of reps.

No one said pursuing your goal was going to be easy.  No one hands you things on a silver platter-usually.  In rare cases they do.

They don’t teach this sort of thing in kids sports anymore.  That’s where I learned it.  It’s too bad, because athletics can allow you to learn a lot of life’s lessons in a different environment.  MTXE can motivate you when you are feeling off, or down.  Just repeat it to yourself a few times.  Charge yourself up.  MTXE, MTXE.

What have you done in your past that required MTXE?  How do you instill it into your life today?  Your company?

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