Trust in Sake: It’ll Warm Your Heart

Last night, the angel organization I co-founded had a small social event at a hot restaurant in ChicagoUnion.  One of the things great organizations do is get together outside of work to build trust and rapport.  When you are building a network, it’s important to develop not only a business relationship, but a personal one too.  This is especially key in organizations where trust becomes a big deal.

Different types of Sake offered for sale
Different types of Sake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was a lot of fun.  Kapow Events organized it for us.  Simple, one click and the event was done.  Painless.

It was a great event.  We had a sake tasting-and Union made some food pairings that went with the sake.  I had never had sake before.  When I have been to sushi restaurants, I always have beer.  In general, I am a wine and bourbon guy.  So, this was really interesting to me.

We started with a sake that was aged on the lees.  It was cloudy, and effervescent.  Had it with some oysters that had seaweed and other stuff on them.  The combination was awesome.  We proceeded to taste three more sakes and each was a little different.

I would encourage anyone to go to Union and do their sake tasting.  The space was cool and the sushi they served was totally awesome.  Union could amp up their marketing by using Dabble to advertise classes on slower nights during the week.

Earlier, one of our members turned me on to warm sake.  Man, that went down easy on cold winter’s night.  Good thing I was Ubering.

Have you ever been to a sake tasting?  What are your favorites?

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