RIP Barry Lind

Last night, long time futures revolutionary Barry Lind was tragically killed in a car accident.  The news broke on Twitter.

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retired futures industry brokerage executive Barry Lind was killed in a car accident in Palm Springs last night…

I knew Barry.  Played golf with him once in a little outing organized by long time CME member Bill Salatich(SAL) at Bob-O-Link.  Bill also served on the CME board from 1996-2010.  I first met Barry on the floor.  When I really got to know him was when I ran for the CME Board in 1998.  He and I served on the CME Budget Committee together.  We had a purely professional relationship.

For his time, Barry was revolutionary.  He saw things other people didn’t see.  Even when he invested in real estate, he was ahead of his time. In 1989, he purchased a building in the West Loop to house his expanding brokerage empire.  That was before Oprah or anyone else moved there.

In 1972, he became one of the legendary “Young Turks” that fundamentally transformed the futures business for good.  Leo Melamed was the leader, but Barry was integral in changing the trading world forever.  He lobbied the membership, and created an agency. Lind-Waldock & Company, that allowed everyone to access the marketplace.  Lind was eventually purchased by MF Global.

He was ahead of his time, and his time came too soon.  My condolences to Barry’s family and friends.  Very sorry for his passing.

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