Alfred HItchcock Directed The Holocaust

Alfred Hitchcock is one of the great filmakers of all time.  In 1945, he directed a film about the Holocaust.  It’s sort of an anachronism that Hitchcock would make a film about the Holocaust given his tendency to make thriller films where innocent people lost control of their lives over seemingly trivial things.

Frontline has aired the film on public television.

This film was made for the war effort.  It’s not fiction.  It’s serious stuff and Hitchcock had trouble even reviewing the footage to stitch it together. I read about the making of the film at this blog:  Seraphic Secret.  The stories of World War Two are still being unwound today.  Who knew that a great film maker made a movie at the end of the war and that the movie was relegated to the dustbin of history?

The film is incredibly graphic.  Eisenhower wanted a record, so that no one could dispute the Holocaust.  Of course, many in power today do.

Thank goodness we won that war.

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