Why Proposed and Existing Gun Laws Will Never Work

3D printing is an amazing technological invention.  Eventually, we will print organs.  In the short term, printing jewelry and other objects are pretty simple.  Even guns.

These guys are borrowing from best practices of innovation. Lean Start Up models. Open sourced software. They are refining and creating.

The approach of banning weapons, or taxing weapons won’t work. If we want to stop gun violence in the US, and I think we all do, we need to take a different approach. Stopping the killer before they get a gun is one way. Making the probability that any one person has a gun to defend themselves is another. Mandatory prison for crimes committed with a gun, with mandatory terms and no parole-with no bargaining power put into the hands of judges, lawyers, or law enforcement is another.

The debate so far has been trotting down a well worn path that takes you to the same dead end. It’s time to change and think differently.

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