Just When You Think Your Life Is Shitty

I have had a rough three years.  Last year was especially rough.  Didn’t like the way it ended.  Feels like things might be starting to sort themselves out.  You never know.  Being stabbed in the back is never fun.  Especially when it’s from people you thought you could trust.

But, I haven’t had to deal with real life stuff. In the past 10 days: A good friend of mine lost his father, age 91.  A life long friend of mine was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, age 50.  Then, another friend of mine suddenly lost his son, at age 12.

Then I find out through the grapevine the guy that was shot this morning at the Merchandise Mart used to trade with us on the floor.

Our country is on the wrong tac.  We see crazy stuff everyday that is beyond belief.  I think that instances like this used to happen, but because of the internet, we just know about them now.

My business life is bruising, to say the least.  I don’t know a lot of people that could have put up with my 2009-2012.  Not to mention the financial meltdown of 2008-that is another story.  So far, my physical health has hung in there.  And, at least I have my wife and kids.

Before you close your eyes tonight, say a prayer for my friends.  As Irwin Stovroff reminded me the other day, we are lucky.


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