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Flying back home from Florida today.  Hope the weather doesn’t screw it up.

The revolving door of regulation.  For many, the reason to “do government service” isn’t to do anything but serve themselves.  Please nominate me for CFTC chair.

Want some feral hog bacon?

LIberal stronghold education is going to get revolutionized.  And they won’t control it.

Don’t tell the newly married gays.

We saw Les Miserables yesterday.  I thought the acting was great.  Film making great. But, I would have liked vocalists that could really belt it out.  Some of the vocals struck me as flat.  I also have an interest in that period of French history, because I don’t know much about it.  I do know in the book on WW2 I am reading the French were a royal pain in the ass and got in the way.

Did the Community Restoration Act cause the financial crisis?  Answer, yes it did.

Dark Shadows.

Fiscal cliff, or molehill?  Love the perspective. “If you didn’t think the stimulus added to GDP, then a cut in government spending won’t cause GDP to drop.”

Someone isn’t happy with the WSJ interpretation of Fed policy.

Skip to 11:50 in this video.

Liberals are losing the narrative over guns.  Facts will do that.  Again, let’s step back and find out the cause.  It’s not a gun, or that we have too few laws.

More election post mortem.

5 reasons to spend NYE in Chicago.  Well, maybe because you can’t get out due to weather…


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