Post Christmas Mortem

I am still in Florida, avoiding the nasty weather transversing the country.  It’s sunny here today.  We are going to see Les Miserables today.  I tend to go to a lot of chick flicks with my family because they are all chicks. I am  consistently in the minority.

A lot of great movies have come out over the holidays.  It’s a time when Hollywood always releases a few blockbusters.  For example, next December 20, my friend Robert Edsel’s movie will be released.   It’s on the Monuments Men.  A very interesting story.  Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett and George Clooney will star in the movie.  Clooney is the driving force behind the story making it to the silver screen.

Here is Harry Ettinger talking about what they did.

What movies are you seeing this Christmas? What have been your favorite movies in the past?

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