Breakfast Links

No link: Here is my wife’s(@lakefrontlisa) advice for 2013. “Understand it, embrace it, monetize it”. Now you know why my kids are entrepreneurial.

Observation:  When you get an iPhone 5, don’t lose the cord.

Employers can fire workers they find too sexy in Iowa, and in Wisconsin, they rule in favor of same sex registry. Connect the dots.

Self driving cars can navigate traffic.  But, can they navigate the police.

Lessons from Sweden (on healthcare)

An American  vet at 13.

I am for helping Sandy victims, but I’d like to see my liberal friends say this bill sucks.  Or are liberals for spending any time it happens, except for defense?  Which is what I am hearing these days.

A sideline question on the Newtown shootings.

This morning, listen to Mike and Gina.  100th show.  Congrats to them both and someday I might see the light.   I am calling in this morning at 9:30am EST, but both of them texted me so it won’t be a surprise either way.

Some intel on Suzy Favor.  The Olympian hooker.  Wait until you read the intel.