Building The Midwestern Ecosystem, One Company at A Time

I don’t know if anyone saw this on Techcrunch.  It’s worth a viewing. These videos are Chicago-centric.

However, even though I am from here I am not territorial. No one has the market cornered on great ideas, or great execution. There are tremendous companies being started all over the midwest. Madison, Ann Arbor, Columbus, Champaign, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Des Moines. Stuff is happening everywhere.

I am in touch with angels and other organizations all the time. It’s starting to be a groundswell here. Here is a tour of 1871.  It’s located in the Merchandise Mart and Google ($GOOG)  will soon be moving in.

The Coop builds off 1871. These companies are going to need a place to go. As Kevin says, maybe the next Larry Ellison or Max Levchin won’t leave the midwest to start up their firm.

If you think you have to go to a coast to do your start up, think again. Try it here. The support network is here. The academics are here. People want to help.

A note to any politician reading this: You don’t have to “do” anything more. The best thing you can do is de-regulate laws that get in the way of small businesses starting up easily. Entrepreneurs depend on those businesses for support, entertainment, and services. I understand that politicians never want to cede control-but you and your constituents will be better off in the end. (and I apologize for the lousy formatting in this post. Zemanta issues.)

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