Farmhouse and A Big Idea

Last night my wife and I went out with Raman Chadha and his wife to Farmhouse. We talked a little about his new venture, The Junto Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership.  Raman is attempting to solve a pretty big problem in the world of start ups and he is doing it in a unique way.  This is his first class, and he has room for one or two more companies.  He is running his first class out of Catapult Chicago.

Chicago 2012
Farmhouse on Chicago and Franklin(Photo credit: Mark & Andrea Busse)

Ever since I heard him talk about the project 18 months ago, I have been interested and tried to help out in every way I can.  If Raman is successful, his efforts will add a new dimension to a developing entrepreneurial community in the midwest.  The Junto takes creative entrepreneurs and forges them into sharp leaders that are capable of things they never dreamed of.  They will run their companies differently, and that difference might be the tipping point between success and failure.  It’s only open to companies that have raised seed rounds of capital.  If you have raised one, contact Raman directly and apply for membership.

Farmhouse was great by the way.  28 craft beers on tap, and spirits that are locally produced.  All there food comes from local producers. I don’t have any food porn from our meal.  The place was packed tightly.  There isn’t a lot of space in there.  Of course we tried the fried cheese curds!  I had a pasty.  It is something they serve a lot in the UP of Michigan. My wife had the short ribs and they were excellent.

When I tweeted I was going there, Justin Massa tweeted at me what to order. Mike Wilkins had been there earlier in the week and gave it his seal of approval.

I liked it. You should give it a try.

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