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English: large wooden Santa Claus and "no...
English: large wooden Santa Claus and “north pole” at Santa Claus House, North Pole, Alaska (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, democracy enacted a Right to Work law in Michigan.  Socialists got violent.  I am glad the Obama administration sternly condemned the violence encouraged more violence with its silence.

Here comes Santa Claus

Here is a cool gift for the holidays.

Some stern words on fair disclosure. ($NFLX)

Are you beating the market?

What we will see with branded media in 2013.

How corruption is strangling US innovation.

I’ve now become oddly accustomed to fat violent paramilitary thugs attempting to take state capitols by force.

Some more on externalities.

N. Korea says to world, “Please send money

Time/Impact equation in entrepreneurship

Christmas is coming

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