Breakfast Links

Big 10-ACC challenge started last night.  Good start for the Big 10.  Big 10 basketball is back.

10 best new products few people know about.

I think this is correct.

Men and sheep, sleeping together.

The Dems don’t want entitlements on the table in Fiscal Cliff negotiations.  Of course, we have around 86 trillion in liabilities.  Enough to buy a lot of aircraft carriers.  Just sayin.

Online education.  Game changer.

Special dividend rush.

Josh Brown and Phil Pearlman took me to Eatily when I was in NYC.  We got one in Chitown now boys. 

People making a big deal about Saxby Chambliss.  Many Republicans are only fiscal conservatives in name, especially when it comes to their home constituencies.

Ethanol policy doesn’t just kill you at the pump, but at the grocer.  Fed regs are also why organic food is so expensive.

If this guy would have had a three point line, I don’t know if there would have been a higher scorer in college basketball. (and frosh eligible)

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