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When your life seems to be going nowhere.

This must be the worst restaurant review in history.

Get a job by sharing your worst failure work story.

It’s the no bid market.  I have traded through these before.  Really not a lot of good news unless you bought rose colored glasses.  It’s a half empty glass on the indexes until it isn’t.

James answers some questions.  I have an idea for sex.

Dream team of behavioral economists helped Obama.  Maybe they think the market is mispriced?  Heh.

Do you think you are a soothsayer when it comes to earnings?

Obama has a middle east problem.  And a fiscal cliff problem.  And a Benghazi problem.  And a cover up problem.  And a sex scandal problem.  Yesterday, the market fell out of bad after his presser.  He isn’t the market whisperer that’s for sure.  As Howard Lindzon says, if you turn this chart upside down it looks bullish.
SPY Chart

SPY data by YCharts

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