Breakfast Links

Up in Madison, Wisconsin.  On a panel tomorrow.  We ate at Merchant tonight and it was tremendous.

5 Ways to protect yourself from Obamacare-and none of them involve leaving the country-yet.

Gary Becker made some remarks at the Milton Friedman Institute dinner.

Whole Paycheck lowers prices

Medal of Honor recipient Allen Lynch is blogging.  I have met him on many occasions.  He is a very special person.

Tax issues will raise their ugly head again.  There is no chance to get real tax reform with Obama in the White House and the Congress divided.  We need taxes that incent the best economic growth for the population.  That’s not what we currently have.  My guess is taxes go up on the wealthy, it just depends on where they draw the line-and the Bush tax plan will be applied to everyone else.

Yuan starting to appreciate versus the dollar. This could be interesting to watch.  Get your popcorn.  The Chinese can’t have it too high-but it makes goods cheaper in the US and we are their biggest customer.  Remember, their economy is sputtering.

Cheap dollar and bad farm policy is causing hay prices to skyrocket.   Enough meddling.  Ban the FDA and end all subsidies.  Let the market decide.

Finishing the job, next steps on financial reform.  Oh I can’t wait.

In honor of being in Wisconsin.  It is pretty up here, even with the Packers…

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