Breakfast Links

Got this from  Chicago is incredible.  Nothing is impossible.

Small banks will be extinguished from the financial landscape in the US.  Courtesy of Dodd-Frank.

They aren’t too big to fail.  They are too big to compete.

Interview with Gene Fama. Market efficiency says that prices reflect all available information and thus provide accurate signals for allocating resources to their most productive uses. This is the fundamental principle of capitalism.”   He should have a Nobel.

Freeing Pittsburgh’s food trucks from regulation.

Triple J trying to work out a plea deal.

Silver and Gold.

Some predictions were right in 2008.

How well do you want to know your employees?

Today we start Microeconomics Monday on Points and Figures.  First lesson, markets without money.

Brad, very sorry about your pooch.  I might move out of the city, just so I can have a dog.

Are you an accredited investor?  There’s an app for that.

We know we have uncertainty.  There’s an index for that.

High debt levels may be prolonging the recession.

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