Great Post Election Advice for Conservatives and Libertarians

This is great.  As I have said before, in Chicago where I live it’s much easier to be gay or transgendered or some other abbreviated pseudonym than be a conservative.  I know people that will not associate with my wife and I simply because we are libertarian and vote on the R side of the ballot.

I love how open minded they are…..not.  But, I find most liberals very narrow when it comes to this sort of thing.

Helen Smith wrote a great piece here.

One important way of coping is to realize how many conservatives and libertarians are out there and connect with them. I spent some time out in California last month and was amazed and delighted to see so many people who had a similar take on politics as myself. We ate dinner, went to events and shared stories about our experiences as right-leaning individuals in left-leaning professions. It was refreshing and good for my emotional health.

Read the whole thing.

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