I Voted

took the photo down.  I don’t think it’s illegal in Illinois-it is in Wisconsin. But, I am not one of the people that is above the law and don’t want to take the risk.

At Instapundit, they show lines in several places. In Chicago at my polling place there wasn’t a long line. I waited five minutes.

I sent an email to the email address provided on the Illinois State Board of Elections website and asked about these questions. Response from Steve Sturm (Illinois State Board of Elections):

“There are no provisions either allowing or disallowing video or audio
taping of election proceedings. The only provisions which would affect
the ability of a person to tape proceedings are those which allow the
election judges to take complete control of the polling place and those
which prevent anyone from compromising the ability of voters to cast a
ballot in secret.

Our general advice to election authorities is that cameras should not be
allowed if they are disrupting the proceedings but that each
circumstance should be considered separately depending on the facts of
the individual cases.”

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