Breakfast Links

Good Luck to The Minimalist Trader.  He left Chicago for Boulder, CO.

How much money did Ford ($F) take from the Federal government? Saved the auto industry my ass.

Big government in Japan.  It’s not just the US.  This factor is present in all government.

Game on in the campaign again.  Is there voter fraud in Ohio?   I liked voting better when there was “election day” and absentee ballots.  Felt more secure.  I am in favor of ID too (after serving as an election judge in Chicago, you’d be in favor of ID as well)

A lot of my liberal friends are upset there is no mention of global warming in this election.  That’s because there isn’t really any global warming.

Bono discovers this thing called crazy little concept called capitalism.

The northeast tries to pick itself up off the canvas.

Updated white paper on the Romney economic program compared to Obama’s.

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