Benghazi; Why Weren’t AC-130 Spectres Scrambled

In the Benghazi cover up, it has been noted that the two former Navy SEALs were using laser pointers to paint targets.  That means they knew there was something in the air that was armed.  It was either a drone, or a plane.  AC-130 Spectre gunships were nearby, and could have been used to devastating effect.

English: An AC-130H gunship from the 16th Spec...
English: An AC-130H gunship from the 16th Special Operations Squadron, , Florida, jettisons flares as an infrared countermeasure during multi-gunship formation egress training on August 24, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If your assumption is that planes still scatter fire and can hurt civilians, watch this video.

AC 130 spectre taking out insurgent by x-gamer

Or this one.  It’s incredible the patience the pilots and gunners have before they shoot.



It’s an incredibly lethal aircraft.

The cover up continues. Who knows if the SEALs lives would have been spared? But we didn’t try to do anything-and it’s looking like military action was thwarted by a decision made by President Obama.

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