Breakfast Links

Hurricane Sandy.  First day both the NASDAQ ($NDAQ), NYSE ($NYX), and NYMEX ($NYX) will be 100% electronic.  Sandy shut down the markets. Stay safe east coasters.  I was planning to drive back through Virginia from North Caroline, en route to Chicago but Sandy threw a wrench in that.  Went through Asheville, and then up to Cincinnatti.

Blogger Dan Riehl isn’t doing well.  Pray for him and if you can, hit his tip jar.

The fourth estate isn’t covering Benghazi.  Trying to protect their boy.  Instead, they are ruining their credibility and forcing people away from them for good information.

Benghazi, Libya sandstorm (Photo credit: an agent)

If you are a libertarian, why you should support Romney.

Illinois still looking for start ups to fund.  I know a few.  The state has 8.8% unemployment.  And plenty of unfunded liabilities.  We need growth.

2/3rds of the world’s data centers going cloud.

Great newish artist if you don’t know her.  Natalie Bergman.

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