Breakfast Links

Are you are real foodie?

The Libya coverup starting to weigh on Obama.

The Navy Seals that defied orders three times, were trying to use lasers to point out where air support (that never came because Obama refused to order it) should fire, killed 60 before being over run.

Don’t get cocky.

Timeline behind the Federal Reserve.

More teachers in Illinois ready to strike.

I hate czars.  They have no place in a democratic republic.  Bush had czars.  Didn’t like them then either.  If you are wondering what a czar does, you are not alone. Rather than try to explain the elusive term, I will simply list the czars currently on the White House payroll. In alphabetical order President Obama’s czars as of this writing are: Afghanistan/Pakistan Czar, AIDS Czar, Bailout Czar, Border Czar, Car Czar, Cyber Security Czar, Copyright Czar, Climate Czar, Central Region Czar, Disinformation Czar, Domestic Violence Women Czar, Drug Czar, Education Czar, Economy Czar, Energy and Environmental Czar, Export Czar, Government Performance Czar, Faith-Based Czar, Health Czar, Health Insurance Czar, Homeland Security Czar, Great Lakes Czar, Green Jobs Czar, Guantanamo Closure Czar, Information Czar, Intelligence Czar, Labor Czar, Middle East Peace Czar, Pay Czar, Regulatory Czar, Safe Schools Czar, Science Czar, Stimulus Accountability Czar, Sudan Czar, TARP Czar, Technology Czar, Terrorism Czar, Tobacco Czar, Urban Czar, War Czar, Water Czar, Weapons Czar, and Weapons of Mass Destruction Czar.

On Wisconsin,  C’mon Badgers, bring it home for the Thompson and Romney.

Notes from Stocktoberfest.