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A factory of Parmigiano-Reggiano. There are tw...
A factory of Parmigiano-Reggiano.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Interesting story on the evolution of man.  “If you’re at a party and someone says, ‘Oh, I can’t eat that—I’m lactose intolerant,’ ” he says, “you can tell them to shut up and eat the Parmigiano.”

In defense of Richard Mourdock.  Less like Todd Akin than you think.

Wouldn’t you call the cops?

Thank them for your freedom.  Make a short vid.

Colorado, entrepreneur DNA?  Chicago has entrepreneurial DNA.  Has something to do with the settling of the west.

#beonfire.  This is funny if you are a techie.

Hey financial writers and bloggers, check out this tool at Ycharts.

This is interesting.  Obama outpacing Romney in text donations.

Last night, I was at the Chicago Momentum Awards.  Here is one good quote, “”Bureaucracy is the enemy of innovation.” Glenn Tilton, Midwest chair of JP Morgan Chase ($JPM).

Pincus on Zynga ($ZYNG).  Gaming is tough.  Ask Curt Schilling.

I am very bummed I am missing Stocktoberfest.  However, I have some family obligations in North Carolina.  Have fun, and don’t miss Shawn Carpenter’s talk.  He’s a great guy.

More bad 70’s music today.  This song always reminds me of hot, humid summer nights in Chicago.

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