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English: Bono at the Vanity Fair kickoff party...

No knockout punches in the debate last night.  No minds were changed.  All about the ground game now.  I have a new nickname for the President though, Barackus Interruptus.

I am on CNBC today with Rick Santelli at 10:20CT, unless we’re pre-empted.

Hmm, this sounds interesting.  Retire around the globe.  Sort of  a world cruise ship.

Look for more of this kind of thuggery.  Democrat unions don’t go quietly.

Marines still use bayonets.  Marines can kill people with their bare hands…..

U2’s Bono must be old.  He believes in capitalism.

A couple of apps who have blow up businesses.

Next time you send a racy photo, watch out.

How crowdsourcing can affect intellectual property.

William Carleton proposes changes in the Crowdfunding law.  Or should we just have individual crowdfunding accounts.

Is speed the most important thing in trading?

Some one hit wonders….thank goodness

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