Breakfast Links

Off the hook gathering at The Coop last night in Chicago.  Thanks Sam. Say hi to Eli

Stolen shamelessly from Ace.  Ghosts of War.  These are powerful photographs.  Freedom, it’s not free.  Never was.  Never will be.

Light at the end of the tunnel.

Crap, he’s spent so much time in Minnesota, maybe he can declare residency.

I don’t always agree with Brad Feld.  But, you have to love how big his heart is.  My goal is someday to have a heart bigger than his.  Brad, good luck.  Support him in this quest.  Next year, let’s crowd source whom I should ride a bike for.  I am going to ride 100 miles again in August.

Nothing is certain.  If you spoke with me for awhile, I could show you why Democrats have it all wrong. Republicans are no where near perfect-but they are coming around.  Glacial change.

Today, the Huskers invade Chicago.  Good luck. But, NU showed you how to play football last year.

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