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Personal note.  Went to my friend’s wake last night.  It started at 4PM.  I got there at 4:15.  There wasn’t a parking spot and I waited two and a half hours to get in to pay my respects.  It pays to have friends.  I think he would have been touched knowing that so many people cared enough to stop by.  If you can, support the business he left behind:  Palletwrapz.  If you can’t tell someone that can.

Motorola wipes out 15% of Google’s profits. ($GOOG)

It was 25 years ago today

Free meetup in Chicago.

NEA comes to Chicago.  If you want to get plugged into Chicago start ups, contact me.  Or, just go to

This was pretty funny.  Mitt kills it.

An acquaintance of mine has a father who has Parkinson’s.  He is an entrepreneur-so he solved a problem-with his daughter.  It’s on Kickstarter.   The modern lemonade stand.

If Italian corruption was an economy, it would be 76th largest.  Good thing they didn’t measure Chicago.

Is Coke being valued like a treasury?

Hmm, what’s cooking in Pennsylvania?

One person’s opinion on the difference between New York and Chicago.  I have my own opinions.  One is that in NYC, the garbage is on the street.  Because of the Great Chicago Fire, we had a huge do over and it’s in the alleys.  I think NYC is a great place.  It is very different from Chicago though.  Certainly more baseball championships!

Check this out.  Interesting.  Red meat market.

Hey, institutional LP’s, you are blowing it. (that’s a nice way of saying something else.) Here is a new home for you.

Fifty shades of fraud.

Start up food fight. The truck vs the city.

Add structure to your day.

For some strange reason, a large percentage of Eurodollar traders ($GE_F) loved the Dead.

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